Ups and downs

A bit of an odd week this week work wise!!!

I’m in the midst of getting ready for various ehibitions at the moment, but its also a time when I hear about several exhibitions I applied to take part in March.

I received a letter toady from Craft in the Bay, a great gallery in Cardiff Bay who hold an exhibition in the summer for various selected British craft makers,

unfortunately it was to advise me that I hadn’t been selected this year! I will apply next year and see what happens.

I have also had an email from the MADE 2012 – Brighton selection panel to say that I had been unsuccessful with that application too. However, I will pursist on this one too,

I believe that my work is of a very high standard so just needs to be chosen, my customer can’t be wrong can they?!

The ups this week are that I went to London today to recieve my diploma from the Societ of Botanical Artists. I was selected to be a full member after a six year application and selection

process. I was really pleased to be selected, I am one of only a handful of jewellers who can exhibit along side a membership of mainly botanical painters.

Another up is that my studio extention is nearing completion, can’t wait!!!!