Artists Open House at The General in Ditchling. East Sussex

Images of the first weekend of our Artists Open house. We are using the first floor room at the General which is a great restaurant/cafe in Ditchling, East Sussex.

Art in Ditchling is an off shoot of the Brighton Open Artists houses, these are generally artists homes which in the month of May become ‘galleries’ which are open to the public. As part of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

Open houses have been happening in Brighton for about 30years. the concept came about when a group of artists decided to represent themselves and wanted to ‘meet there public’. It really enriches a piece of art or craft when you can meet the person who made, designed or painted it. The idea has spread far and wide but the origins are firmly based in Fiveways, an area of Brighton that has a very rich artists community. There are over 200 artsts open housese this year.

I love taking part in Open houses, even though it means no weekends off for over a month, because I get to meet people who really enjoy seeing and buying my work. I meet like minded people, exchange ideas,  hints and tips. It can be a real laugh meeting all kinds of people, from all walks of life!!



Ups and downs

A bit of an odd week this week work wise!!!

I’m in the midst of getting ready for various ehibitions at the moment, but its also a time when I hear about several exhibitions I applied to take part in March.

I received a letter toady from Craft in the Bay, a great gallery in Cardiff Bay who hold an exhibition in the summer for various selected British craft makers,

unfortunately it was to advise me that I hadn’t been selected this year! I will apply next year and see what happens.

I have also had an email from the MADE 2012 – Brighton selection panel to say that I had been unsuccessful with that application too. However, I will pursist on this one too,

I believe that my work is of a very high standard so just needs to be chosen, my customer can’t be wrong can they?!

The ups this week are that I went to London today to recieve my diploma from the Societ of Botanical Artists. I was selected to be a full member after a six year application and selection

process. I was really pleased to be selected, I am one of only a handful of jewellers who can exhibit along side a membership of mainly botanical painters.

Another up is that my studio extention is nearing completion, can’t wait!!!!